What To Do on a First Date

What To Do on a First Date

The city of Dubai is seen as a place of luxury, romance, fun, and excitement, so what better place is there to enjoy a first date? There are so many amazing things to do on a date, whether it’s in the daytime or the evening, yet the big issue that this brings to those planning a first date is that it can be very tough to choose what to do. If you’re in this situation, you’ll understand the stress of this, and so to help you make that choice, we’ve listed a few things you could try on your first date.

Raise Your Adrenaline

While there’s a chance that you’re already feeling the adrenaline and the nerves for the date in general, adding some extra excitement to the day could be a great way of forgetting about the anxiety of saying the right things and acting the right way to impress your date. You could try your hand at many different things, such as water sports like parasailing and jet skiing, off-roading around the nearby sand dunes, or even something like skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah.

Have A Day At The Beach

If you want to enjoy the outdoors together but aren’t looking for any intense activities, you could try a day at the beach instead. Soaking up some rays and taking a dip in the beautiful waters around Dubai’s extensive coastline is a fantastic way to spend the day, and it will also give the both of you time to talk and get to know each other in a relaxed environment. Consider bringing a picnic with you, and don’t forget to supply plenty of cold drinks, a parasol, and some sunblock to help fend off the heat and sunshine. The last thing either of you will want is to suffer from overheating or too much sun exposure.

Grab A Bite To Eat

A date idea that is generally always a great option is to go for a romantic meal. Getting to know each other while enjoying some amazing food can be a great bonding experience. Check out some of the best restaurants in Palm Jumeirah, where you can choose from many different global or local cuisines, from Italian and other Mediterranean foods to Asian and traditional middle-eastern delicacies. Check with your date on any dietary requirements and search for a suitable place to cater to both needs.

Visit Dubai’s Attractions

The city is home to incredible places for you and your date to visit, from cultural wonders to mind-blowing architecture. Take a trip up the Palm Tower to enjoy the incredible views across the city and the Palm Jumeirah itself, or visit some of the amazing museums dotted around the city, such as the Museum of the Future or the Museum of Illusions. You could also check out the incredible Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, especially if your date enjoys nature and animals. For a bit more of Dubai’s deep and rich culture, you could visit the stunning Jumeirah Mosque or take a walk around the streets of Al Bastakiya or along the creek.

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