What are the Fun activities in Seattle for family to Enjoy

Have you ever heard about Seattle? Seaport city is present on the United States’ west coastline. It is also the most populated city in the state of Washington. The seaport city offers many fun activities for the water lovers. You can visit the museums, take a water ride, participate in fun water sports, and more. 

Also, Seattle’s rich culture and heritage will surely make you amazed and fascinated with the place. Choose Spirit Airlines for your next holiday trip to Seattle. So, complete your Spirit airlines Reservations to get the most memorable experience.

What Are the Fun Activities in Seattle for Family to Enjoy

Take a Swim at Beaches & Lakes

The seaport city of Seattle offers many lakes and beaches to visitors. All the beaches are well-equipped and have on-duty lifeguards. One of the popular swimming spots in Seattle is the Green Lake beaches. The spot offers two popular beaches, West Green and East Green, with basketball courts, bathrooms, boat rentals, and play areas.

⦁ Visit the Museums in Seattle

Seattle is rich in history, culture, and art, and it truly defines the seaport city well. The city offers a wide range of museums for kids. Every family member will enjoy some fun activities after visiting the museums. MoPop, a famous pop culture-based museum in Seattle, is loved by many fans. The main attractions of this museum are pop culture, music, trends, and movies. Another museum is the Seattle Children’s Museum, where families can have dozens of experiences.

Enjoy the Ferry Rides

Ferry rides are another way to have fun with family in Seattle. You can explore new places and enjoy the scenic beauty with the ferry rides. If you are willing to take a day trip, choose the downtown Seattle ferry that heads towards Bainbridge Island. After reaching the land, you can enjoy family picnics, walk through the beaches, and watch shows in the community theater.

Ride on the Great Wheel

Take a fun ride on the Great Wheel and click some amazing pictures. At night, the Great Wheel shines with more than 500,000 LED lights on it. It is the best place to be on weekends. During the weekends, families plan their escape to the Great Wheel and enjoy the light show. Also, children below the age of 2 years can enjoy free rides too.

Watch Marine Life

Plan a trip to Seattle and watch the magical marine life present in the seaport city. There are several mammals, birds, fishes, and other marine life to witness here. You can also spend quality time with your family by watching the dive shows, meeting various animals, and attending the story times.

Chocolate Tour is a Must

 The Chocolate Tour is considered one of the top fun family activities to do in Seattle. You can also get the chance to try out samples of cake, pastries, chocolates, cheesecakes, and more. A dessert lover should take the Chocolate Tour in Seattle.

Cheer for Home Teams

No matter what time you visit Seattle, there’s a game in the city. Many sports lovers are attracted to Seattle stadiums and grounds. Football fans are free to watch the NFL or the University of Washington Huskies. Baseball fans can cheer for the Seattle Mariners. Sports fans can also enjoy action-packed hockey or soccer games. this places has their own men’s and women’s teams.

Book the Candle Light Concert

If your kids love to watch concerts, then visiting the candlelight concert will be best for your kids. Seattle offers a series of candlelight concerts filled with good music and entertainment. The Candlelight concert is perfect for 8-year-old kids and above.

How to Make Reservations in Spirit Airlines

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Seattle is a country undoubtedly filled with fun and exciting activities. You will definitely have the most amazing experiences in visit. You won’t regret your choice to visit the city of Seaport. Also, before flights, make sure to check spirit airlines flight status through the app or website.

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