What are ADB drivers for Linux?

If you like to develop Linux, you will find this guide helpful! When I was setting up everything for my Android development, I ran into the problem that Linux was not recognizing my Android phone, and it took me some time to figure out how to make Linux recognize my phone. Finally, after some research, I put this little guide together and decided to share it with you. Have you heard about ADB? What are ADB drivers? If you want to bypass all the restrictions of your Android device without rooting, this is the way. Let’s review! 

If you have used an Android device, you will notice that certain features and capabilities are hidden. Fortunately, I found the best way to bypass all of these and control my Android device through my Linux and the method called ADB. Do you know what are ADB drivers? Let’s discuss it with me! 

What are ADB drivers? – A deep explanation

Many people ask “What are ADB drivers?” “And What can we do with this ADB?” Android Debug Bridge or well known as ADB is open-source software that helps users to communicate with Android devices from a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC through a USB cable simply. It is like a bridge for modifying the Android filesystem from a client computer when the Android device is in bootloader mode. And this is a command line tool that works as a bridge for your Android device and PC.

Using this ADB, you can do some more exciting bits such as accessing your phone UI from your PC, taking screenshots from your PC, removing malware and other malicious apps from Android devices, etc. Basically, it is a command-line tool that helps to modify the Flash system on your Android device from your Linux. So, let’s see more about this ADB with me! 

The best reasons to install ADB Linux 

Now let’s discuss why we want to install this ADB on your Linux. These are the best reasons;

  1. You can transfer files with ADB
  2. It gives access to installing and uninstalling apps
  3. To view the logs on your Android device, you can use ADB commands
  4. And you can use ADB is accessing your phone’s screen on your PC
  5. Communicate your Android device and Linux 

The complete guide to ADB setup download 

What are ADB drivers” and how to install it on my Linux. ADB provides an advanced interface on your Linux to easily connect with your Android device’s file system. But before installing ADB Linux, it is essential to know the correct step guide. So, I think this guide will help you! 

ADB is always packaged with Android SDK and now a standalone ADB zip file is available for all your PC devices. Then, if you are a normal user, the ADB ZIP file is enough for you!


  1. Download the ADB setup 1.4.3 or the newest version ADB setup 1.5.6 ZIP file for Linux
  2. Remove the ZIP file to a location that is easily approach (such as a desktop)
  3. Then, open a Terminal Window
  4. Enter this command: cd /path/to/extracted/folder/
  5. This changes the directory to which ADB files have been removed
  6. Now, connect your Android device and Linux using a proper USB cable. Modify the “MTP” mode of the connection. This is not a special need but it is important to avoid problems
  7. After the terminal is located in the same folder as your ADB tools, you can start the ADB daemon with the following command
  8. Now you can see the prompt that needs to allow USB debugging back on your smartphone. Go on and give it
  9. Finally, re-enter the step # 8 command. If everything is completed, you should now see the serial number for your device in the output of the terminal window. Now you can perform any ADB command

And here is the full user guide to install the ADB on your Linux. If you have any errors or mistakes with these steps, please let me through the comment section! 

Test ADB with Android

Now you know “What are ADB drivers” and the installation methods to install ADB on Linux. After completing this process, you have to test it with your Android device to make sure the ADB recognizes your Android device;

  1. Keep in mind that to enable it on your Android device in the settings
  2. Now, connect your Android device and your Linux with a proper USB cable
  3. Now, open a terminal on your PC and run the following command: ADB device
  4. On your Android device, you can get a prompt asking you to allow USB debugging. Go forward and allow that notification. After giving permission, you may have to run the above command again

Let’s explore the ADB features 

  • Better compatibility

ADB properly works with any Android device such as leading brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, or any minor brands like Amazon. 

  • Detects Manufacturer Name and Model

ADB automatically reveals the Manufacturer’s Name and the Model of different devices and displays it under the Manufacturer and Description List.

  • Refresh Button

The refresh button helps you quickly refresh the device list attached to the PC. But keep in mind that it is only available for version 2.0. And it is not available for version 1.0.

  • Supports Windows x86 and x64 bit

It can automatically find the BIT of your computer and you can install the ADB on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 easily. And it properly works with Windows 11 newest version.

If you install the Universal ADB driver download on your Linux, you can get these amazing features for free. So don’t waste your time with expensive tools or some Android rooting methods, just try ADB on Linux!


Up to this point, I hope now you have a better understanding of the “What are ADB drivers” and how to install them on your Linux. ADB allows users to manage their Android devices from the computer. So, learning to use this ADB is mandatory for anyone dealing with Android devices. 

Did you encounter any mistakes when installing or working with this ADB, if so, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! 

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