What are 7 interesting facts about Venice

Would you like to visit Venice this winter? It is the best place to add perks in your holidays. Here are seven well-known things to do in Venice. If you’re thinking about visiting or are just curious about the nation.

Venice is a location where history, art, and romance collide because to its labyrinth of canals, breathtaking architecture, and rich cultural heritage.

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Here are 7 interesting facts about Venice

Scroll down and find the 7 interesting facts about Venice that must increase your interest to explore this place. 


Venice, sometimes known as The Floating City, is made up of 118 islands. The islands are connected by bridges. Moreover, it is divided by canals. 

In Venice, there are 177 waterways.  This splits the city in half in a S form. The depth of here canals is between 1.5 and 2 meters on average. The Grand Canal is five meters deep on average. The city old center’s waterways are not suitable for swimming. If so, you can be subject to a fine.

Here are some important details regarding Venice’s canals:


More than 400 bridges connect the islands that make up Venice. The Rialto Bridge is the oldest. It is a popular bridge that spans the Grand Canal. The Ponte dei Sospiri is another name for the Bridge of Sighs. It is another famous bridge in you. 

It connects Doge’s Palace to a former jail by crossing the Rio di Palazzo waterway. Before entering jail, inmates would say goodbye to Venice. Moreover, their freedom as they crossed the Bridge of Sighs.

Gondola Rides

Gondolas are more than simply a charming mode of transportation. It is suitable for visitors. Here, travelers can learn about Venice’s canals from ancient times. 

There used to be about 10,000 gondolas in the city. Still, currently there are closer to 400. Gondolas come in black only. To further distinguish them, they might have various upholstery. Also, trimmings, and embellishments.

Murano Glass

Since the seventh century, this has been the center of the glassmaking world. Venetian glass is simple to recognize.It has vivid hues and striking, intricate patterns. The Venetian Lagoon’s Murano Island is the site of the majority of Venetian glassmaking. 

Secret recipe books for glassmaking are handed down. It delivers from generation to generation. In order to preserve this glassblowing legacy.


this is popular for its Carnival celebrations. It starts around three weeks before Ash Wednesday and Lent. A mask is a typical Venetian Carnival symbol. In the past, wearing a mask shielded your identity and social position. It allows individuals of all social classes. To interact with one another without fear of judgement. Though there are over ten varieties of Venetian masks.

St. Mark’s Square

The primary public plaza in st. mark square is called Piazza San Marco. The famous church in the city, St. Mark’s Basilica. It dominates the eastern end of the plaza. The former location of the Venetian administration, Doge’s Palace. 

It is just next to the church. St. Mark’s Square is a hive of activity. You may frequently see street acts and concerts. Getting a coffee, finding an outdoor table, and taking in the ambience. It is the ideal approach to make the most of this amazing venue.

Narrow Streets

Venice is famous for its maze-like system of little lanes, alleyways, and laneways. For tourists, getting lost in the city’s winding lanes. It is a must-do experience. Head to the Cannaregio neighborhood’s Calle Varisco. 

If you don’t get cramped easily. This is tiniest street, measuring only 53 centimeters wide. It is indeed among Europe’s tiniest streets.

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