Tunbridge Wells Airport Transfers Manners to be followed

One of the etiquette related to Tunbridge Wells Airport Transfers taxis is the pros and cons of eating and drinking inside the taxi. This time we will introduce you to eating and drinking in a taxi. Learn taxi etiquette so you don’t get into trouble at Airport Taxi In Tunbridge Wells by riding without knowing it!

Is it OK to have drinks in a taxi?

It is generally OK to have drinks in a taxi. On the contrary, it would be a disaster if you were to hold back on hydration and become dehydrated, which would not only be difficult for the passengers themselves, but also put a strain on the taxi driver. In addition, taxi drivers are also hydrated in-house. However, care must be taken to avoid staining the inside of the car. It is important to be considerate, such as drinking while stopped at a traffic light or using a bottle with a cap, such as a plastic bottle.

Drinks you should avoid

Based on the terms and conditions of carriage, if there is a risk of soiling the inside of the vehicle, you may be warned or refused boarding.

  • Alcohol

The smell of alcohol may stick to the inside of your car. Especially if you accidentally spill it. Also, alcohol can make you more nervous and cause you to get into trouble with taxi drivers. If you accidentally spill something such as a paper bag or paper cup, there is a risk of staining the inside of your car.

Is it OK to eat by taxi?

Just like when eating on a train or bus, it can be difficult to decide whether to eat in a taxi or not. Some of you may have gotten a suspicious look from the driver while you were eating. The general terms and conditions of carriage do not explicitly prohibit meals, so most taxi companies allow it. However, it is generally safer to be mindful of etiquette when eating in the car. Taxi drivers do not allow food to be eaten in the car because the smell of food may fill the inside of the car and stick to the car. If the odor remains in the car even after getting off the car, it may make the next passenger feel uncomfortable. If there is a risk of strong odor, the taxi driver may warn you at the discretion of the taxi driver at the time.

Etiquette to keep in mind when eating and drinking in a taxi

Shout out to the taxi driver

When eating or drinking at Taxi In Tunbridge Wells, be sure to shout out to the taxi driver first. In most cases, you will be greeted with a warm welcome, and the atmosphere will improve if you say something.

Choose something that doesn’t smell

When eating in your car, what you eat is a big consideration. Please be considerate of the next passenger and avoid foods with strong odors. Fast food is a typical example of foods that tend to leave behind odors.

Choose something that won’t spill easily

In addition to smells, spilled food is also a cause for concern. If you spill food and it gets on the inside of the car, the next passenger will definitely feel uncomfortable and the taxi driver will have to clean it up. Choose something that won’t easily spill or leave food particles.

Take your trash home with you.

Avoid leaving food waste in door pockets or seats. For taxi drivers, even if they think it’s a good idea to allow food and drink, if something like this happens to them, they may refuse to eat next time.

Take the necessary precautions to ensure that both the taxi driver and passengers are comfortable. Choose your words carefully when there is a risk of staining the inside of your car.

As a taxi driver, you want your passengers to have a comfortable time. You want to provide them with a comfortable environment. However, since there is more than just one passenger, you may need to be careful when thinking about the next passenger. In such cases, be considerate of the passenger’s feelings and politely communicate with them.


After passengers have eaten and alighted, be sure to thoroughly ventilate and deodorize. Also, be sure to check the seats where passengers were seated to make sure there is no spilled food or dirt. And finally, do not let yourself be carried away. If you want quality service, count on. We distinguish ourselves by our speed, comfort and punctuality. So that your trip starts on the right foot with Tunbridge Wells Airport Transfers.

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