The Difficulties that Students Encounter When Studying Abroad

Nowadays almost every student appear in the IELTS and PTE test so after passing the English language proficiency test they become eligible for study abroad. Studying abroad is a life-changing opportunity for students that brings out new experiences, challenges, and adventure. Studying abroad is an opportunity for students to explore new places, cultures, customs, and living and working styles. Apart from this, students also face numerous challenges while studying abroad such as homesickness, culture shock, language barrier, and many more. In this article, we will discuss the challenges that make international students survival difficult while study abroad. 

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Have a look at the difficulties international students face while studying abroad. 

Language Barriers

Even while many international students have studied English in their home countries, they might not be as familiar with the slang or accent in which professors and peers talk. These can make it challenging to communicate in conversations and to comprehend others. Due to this, they avoid to engaging in the conversation. Apart from this, they also hesitate to ask for clarification. Because they are afraid of upsetting people or making themselves feel more insecure. It impacts their communication skill. When they are afraid to speak in English they cannot communicate with others confidently. 

Academic Challenges

International students are also not comfortable with academic writing, research, or the structure of assignments at universities. Moreover, International students who speak English less naturally will suffer from the emphasis on classroom discussions. In addition, they do not ask a professor to clear their doubts. Thus, they do not perform in other academic activities. 

Social and Cultural Differences

The culture of American college campuses, which includes coed dorms, casual interactions with “authority figures” like professors or college officials, and variations in food and alcohol use in social settings and community events, often leaves many students unprepared. If one comes from a society where sexuality, gender identity, and orientation are prohibited, then the openness surrounding these topics may cause discomfort. Many other cultures likewise view Americans’ habit of eating without sitting during meals as impolite.

Financial Difficulties

While studying abroad international students also face financial difficulties. As the cost of the things abroad is quite high as compared to students home country. Apart from this, managing the academy and living expenses is very difficult for students. Also, without a credit history, it is challenging to be approved for loans or obtain a credit card to study abroad. Furthermore, foreign students are prohibited from working without the co-sponsorship of their college or university due to the terms of their visas.

Moreover, a great deal of pressure is placed on international students. To perform exceptionally well academically due to the high expenditures of room and board and tuition. 

Psychological Difficulties

Homesickness is one of the most serious issues facing overseas students. Additional pressures come from the classroom, society, culture, and finances. Also, results in excessive tension, anxiety, and depression. Their emotional challenges and the assumption that they should feel fortunate and privileged to have the chance to study abroad frequently clash.

Despite having a higher chance of psychological issues, many overseas students choose not to use mental health services. As mental health issues often conflict with their cultural norms and expectations, stigma is frequently to blame for this. Furthermore, students are probably unaware of the mental health services available on campus. Moreover, sometimes they are uncomfortable “complaining” or discussing their emotions.

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Wrapping up

To sum it up, while studying abroad international students have to face numerous challenges. Such as language barriers, culture shock,  financial difficulties, stress,  and many more. 


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