Magento Hosting Features You Should Not Compromise

Magento sites are often the very first choice of many organizations when it comes to establishing ecommerce stores. The platform offers numerous perks and opportunities, leading organizations to high demand and user traffic. However, investing in a reliable hosting plan is more than necessary to ensure this success.

Magento site owners can opt for dedicated, VPS, or cloud hosting according to their needs. However, you must secure multiple other features with your hosting plan to ensure the site and user traffic do not face any issues at any point. You can also opt for a managed hosting plan to ensure experts manage everything around the clock and ensure quality service for user traffic.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to explore and learn about Magento hosting features you should not compromise on for smooth and reliable service.

Top 6 Features to Secure With Your Magento Hosting Plan

The high site loading speed and managing higher traffic influx are the basic requirements when it comes to Magento sites. Most hosting plans offer these; however, that is not all. There are several other features you should secure with your hosting plan to offer uninterrupted and perfectly secure service to your user traffic.

Here are the major features you should secure with your Magento hosting plan and ensure smooth and efficient service.

1. Firewall and Data Encryption

The most important features you must secure with your Magento hosting plan are firewall and data encryption. The firewall will monitor and filter the traffic on the server and site and ensure blocking the malicious accounts. On the other hand, data encryption will ensure the data between the site and the user is off-limits and inaccessible to third parties. Not all hosting plans come with these features. Magento site owners consult web hosting companies in Dubai and opt for the plan which offers maximum security and data encryption.

2. Server-Side Security Updates and Patches

Server-side security updates and patches are the next features you should secure with the Magento hosting plan. Keeping the security of the server optimized at all times is extremely crucial for Magento sites. You can opt for managed hosting service and ask service providers to manage server security updates and patches on a regular basis. It will take the management load off your shoulder if you are not an expert in the field. It will also ensure your server security is never vulnerable.

3. Cache Management

Cache management is the next feature you should get included in your Magento hosting plan. The ecommerce sites have a greater chance of receiving the same queries again and again from different users. In such a situation, showing the same results from scratch can take a longer time. The server and sites can store cache copies of the pages stored at temporary storage and produce them immediately. Cache management is necessary to ensure the temporary storage is not piled up with pages that are not requested anymore. It can significantly impact site speed.

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4. Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring is another significant feature you must secure with a Magento hosting plan. Such sites are at higher risk of cyber-attacks and security threats. In such a scenario, optimizing the security is the first action you need to take. On the contrary, monitoring the site for possible security threats, hacking attempts, or suspicious traffic can help you take action on time. Not all site owners have the technical expertise to handle it. Do not worry if you are also one of them and opt for a managed hosting plan and let the experts manage everything on your behalf.

5. Hourly Full Backups

One of the most crucial features you must secure with a Magento hosting plan is the hourly full-backups. It is specifically important for Magento sites which usually offer e-commerce services. Such sites attract more security attacks and hacking attempts. The owners can lose site data in one of such attempts. Not having any backup will cause irreparable loss as they will lose the order and other details of the customers too. Ensuring full hourly backup will ensure you are always prepared to deal with any sort of challenge.

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6. Database Management

Database management is the last Magento hosting feature you must secure with your plan. It is specifically applicable in the case of managed Magento hosting services. Database management will provide the security that your site data is being managed efficiently and can be retrieved any time you want. It will also ensure the data is easily accessible for the users too while maintaining security and confidentiality. Contact web hosting companies in Dubai and consult experts for the perfect solutions for your site if you are not too well-versed in technicalities.

Are you looking for hosting options for your Magento site?

If you are unable to decide on your own, it is better to use the help of the experts. Get in touch with professional hosting service providers to explore ideal Magento hosting options and secure essential features too to enjoy reliable service.

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