Facebook Acronyms: What Does Iso Mean on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms to interact with your long-distance family and friends. We can share content, communicate through posts and messages, and can also go live to interact with our loved ones. Also, we can use various slang words to communicate and make our communication more fun and interesting. We use the slang ISO which means “In search of” on social media platforms which is used when someone wants to buy an item from their friends that they might know of. For example, if we are looking for the best dog daycare in an area and our friend knows a place to find it we can write “ISO a good dog daycare in the area”. Most of the users would be having a question about what does ISO mean on social media

What Does ISO Mean on Social Media

ISO Facebook meaning is different on other platforms it might mean “In support of”. This is used to search for different things online or on social media platforms. ISO could also mean “I’m still online” when we are having a conversation which tells us the other person is still online. ISO is a global federation, the name of the international organization of standardization. This organization sets the standards that members should follow. 

More Slangs Used on Facebook

Facebook is a huge marketplace and other than ISO various other slang are used you can easily see this on Facebook and also on other social media platforms: 

  1. AFAIK: This means “As Far As I Know”.
  2. ATM: Means “At the moment”.
  3. B/W: This usually means “between”
  4. B/C: Means “because”.
  5. BK: Usually it means “broken”.
  6. BNIB: Means “brand new in box”. 
  7. BNIP: Means “brand new in package”
  8. BNNW: This means “brand new, never worn”.
  9. BNWT: Means “brand new with tags”.
  10. BTW: Usually means “by the way”
  11. DM: It means “direct message” that person is sending you a message or might be inviting you to send a message.
  12. ETA: Means “estimated time of arrival”. This is used when people are going to meet but don’t know the exact time
  13. GUC: Means “good used condition”.
  14. HTF: It means “hard to find”. 

You may find these commonly used slags on social media platforms. There might be many others that are also commonly used. 


Facebook is a huge marketplace where buying and selling takes place. But other than that people also have fun conversations with each other to connect. Various types of slags are used to make the conversation interesting and also many are used in the marketplace. You may find this Facebook slang used on other platforms too.

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