How Vintage Enthusiasts Score Their Secondhand Gems

How Vintage Enthusiasts Score Their Secondhand Gems

Tessa D., who is behind the YouTube channel ModernGurlz (a modern-day chronicle of iconic fashion moments in film and pop culture) is based in Honolulu. She tells Glamour that “thrift stores in Hawaii have fairly slim pickings when it comes to clothing, at least for things that I personally gravitate towards, and as a result, I’ve had no choice but to turn to the internet.” One of her go-to destinations lately has been eBay: “I think eBay is pretty underrated despite having essentially pioneered online shopping. The website basically hasn’t been updated since the 2000s, so it definitely isn’t as user-friendly as newer apps like Depop or TheRealReal, but the benefit to this is that you’re able to stumble upon hidden gems that would sell out within minutes elsewhere.”  

If you’re just browsing eBay but want to avoid combing through thousands of results, Tessa recommends searching on your favorite brands plus an era of clothing you like: “I always go for the ’90s and ’70s, plus the piece of clothing I’m looking for specifically—dress, jeans, shoes, and so on.” She says that way “you should be able to find what you’re looking for, or at the very least, something similar.” 

And if you’re using eBay’s Bid/Offer feature to score deals, Tessa shares one final pro tip: “Don’t add an item to your watchlist if you’re planning to bid on it; eBay pushes popular items to other people! Just bookmark it and come back to it later.”

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Star reseller Sydny Boney (who runs the Depop account Sydny Sky and is based in Hagerstown, Maryland) tells Glamour that she’s always loved thrifting in person but had to find new ways source unique vintage pieces during the pandemic after she longer had access to her favorite local shops. She grew to love online shopping: “Honestly, the internet is where I have found some of my best pieces to date,” she says. “My secret is to search for very vague descriptions on secondhand marketplaces such as Depop, Mercari, or eBay.” For example, she would search “sandals” and “just scroll for hours looking at all the amazing shoes.”