How to Pay Your Health Insurance Premium Online?

Health Insurance Premium Online

Before moving to how you can pay your health insurance premium online, let’s know what is a health insurance policy. A health insurance plan is a contract between the policyholder and the insurance company that ensures to provide you with medical facilitation and financial aid in the event of an emergency. As you know in times of financial hardships, it becomes tough for a normal or a below-average family to cover all the medical expenses. In those scenarios, a health insurance policy can work wonders. 

For getting coverage benefits from a health insurance plan, the policyholder needs to pay regular premiums. A premium amount is generally set while buying the policy that the person insured has to pay to the insurance company at a pre-decided timeframe, be it monthly, yearly, or collectively. The frequency and amount of a health plan depend on the plan type you’ve opted for, the sum insured you chose, and the coverage benefits or additional benefit riders, etc. 

However, there are multiple facets to the amount of premium for your health insurance policy that you should know. The major criteria for the range of your health insurance premium depends upon the age factor, coverage type, sum insured, etc. 

Why you should pay your Health insurance premiums online?

In the world of changing context, online payment and digital felicitations have become more popular than visiting a center physically.

Here is why you should make online payments for your health insurance plans:-

Fast and easy payment It takes less time than going to make a payment physically at the facilitation centre
Can be operated anywhere anytime No matter where you are, you can make payment from anywhere anytime
Saves time A lot of effort and time is consumed if you go to make a payment physically, but online payment will save you time and hustle
Hassle-free and trouble-free process You don’t need to run away here and there to process your premium payments, you will get every information online in just a click via online mode

Steps and procedures to pay your health insurance premium online?

Here are the steps that are involved in the health insurance premium payment:-

  1. Open the website of the insurance company from where you’ve taken the policy.
  2. Go to the “pay your premium” section, and click on it.
  3. Fill in all the details that are asked, like name, age, policy number, contact number, etc. 
  4. Click on Proceed after filling out the form 
  5. Continue the make payment option and select a method to pay the premiums such as UPI, net banking, credit card, etc
  6. Complete the payment and you’ll receive a notification of your premium payment via text/email.
  7. Now you can print your receipt from the website or save the payment proofs. 

Things to keep in mind while paying your health insurance premium online

These pointers are important to consider while going through your health insurance premium payment procedure:-

  • To avoid lapsing your policy, you should keep a premium payment date reminder with you or you should remember when you have to pay the premiums. 
  • Before buying a health insurance policy, you should disclose all the information that is related to your pre-existing condition with your insurer.
  • It’s equally important to review your policy terms and conditions of the health plan. It will provide a clear picture of what your policy covers, is suitable for you or not, and what are you gonna pay the insurance provider in return for your health insurance policy. 


An awareness of your health insurance premium payments via online mode has become a mandate nowadays. Whether it means avoiding any hassle of making your premium payment or saving your time and effort moving from one place to another. It has now become easy and secure to pay your premiums online which gives the consumer the utmost convenience.

So, you can save your time and pay securely with online mode. To know more about the same, you can also visit our website 

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