How to Design Gorgeous Gift Box Packaging?

Businesses today run differently than they used to be. The E-commerce industry is on the rise as everyone is becoming more comfortable with shopping while sitting at home. However, as the e-commerce industry is providing new opportunities for businesses, it is also causing an increase in competition. Gift box packaging is one of the ways that e-commerce businesses use to market their products.

Many old business owners don’t realise it, but packaging plays a vital role in making or breaking your brand. You cannot work around your old ways and expect to achieve success in today’s competitive market. Your packaging needs to be unique and impressive so that customers can fall in love with your products at first sight. 

Custom boxes packaging is a new trend, and it has been extremely effective for businesses. Customisation allows you to design your gift box packaging according to your preference. If you purchase readily available packaging for your business, it won’t be as effective because many other brands will also have the same packaging design as you. This is the reason why custom boxes packaging has gained popularity because it enables you to have a uniqueness that no other business will have.

In this blog, we will tell you what the key factors you need to focus on while designing a gorgeous gift box packaging for your business.

Key Considerations

Box Size: You need to start by choosing the size of your box. It depends on the type of products you deal with. If you sell jewellery or any other delicate products, you won’t need big boxes, so make sure you choose the right size for your gift box packaging.

Material: You also need to choose the right material for your boxes. It is better if you decide to work with eco-friendly materials because people are now sensitive about sustainability and appreciate eco-friendly packages.

Design: Once you have determined the size and material, the next thing you should choose is the design. The design of your gift box should be unique and represent your brand. You can add your logo and brand name on the box as well.

Colours: Another important consideration is the colour scheme of your packaging. The colours on your gift boxes should be pleasant and appealing to the customers. They should also resonate with your brand. If you choose colours that are not associated with your brand’s vision, customers will have a tough time remembering your packaging.

What Information Should You Include?

After you are done designing your gift box packaging, you can start adding information to the boxes. It is often confusing for business owners to know exactly how much information is enough for a gift box. Most businesses often include their logo, brand name, contact number, and their social media handles on their gift boxes. These are considered suitable options to add to your gift boxes. However, if you want to add something more, you can add a call-to-action such as “visit our website to check out more gift boxes.” or you can also add QR codes. 

Another thing that you may need to add is instructions and warnings. Although it depends on the product, it is important to keep this information in mind. If you are offering products that contain chemicals, it is your responsibility to add caution to your packaging. You can also use stickers to add information on the exterior of your gift boxes. This is helpful if you want to change your information from time to time.

Designing your own gift boxes can be challenging, but it will be the best thing you can do for your business. Start designing your gorgeous gift boxes now and elevate your brand image.

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