How Long Does Lip Semi-Permanent Embroidery Last?

Let’s all agree that lip cosmetics have their own set of challenges, such as the need to reapply them throughout the day and concerns over whether they have smudged or somehow made it to your teeth.

What if I tell you that you could have lovely, clearly defined lips without going through any bother or inconvenience? You read that right—it is doable! So bid farewell to outrageously expensive lip cosmetics and hello to… (drum roll) lip embroidery!

Let’s Start with The Basics: What Is Lip Embroidery?

Semi-permanent makeup in the style of lip embroidery.

Enhancing your lips’ size, shape, and color is the goal. Your lips will appear larger, younger, and more symmetrical if you emphasize them.

It is also referred to as “lip micro-pigmentation,” “lip micro-blading,” and “lip blush,” among other titles. But they all follow the same approach, which involves injecting pigment into the skin.

How Does It Work?

Before beginning, your lip artist will discuss your ideal shape and make color suggestions based on your skin tone. The outline will then be penciled out, with any necessary revisions made as I go.

Once the shape is certain, the procedure can start. The pigment will be administered by making tiny cuts in the skin’s outermost layer with a blade that resembles a needle.

Now Moving Towards the Most Asked Question: How Long Do the Results Last?

Lip embroidery results could last for one to two years. The kind of pigments employed determines how long the color will persist. Inorganic micro-pigments can survive up to two years, but synthetic-organic ones typically persist for 18 months.

The ultimate outcome will also depend on the color you select. On the lips, pigments seem 50% lighter than they do in the bottle. Although it won’t look as vibrant when you swatch it to your skin, don’t be afraid to choose deeper tones instead of more bare colors. For best results, it’s better to stick with the pigment that your artist has recommended.

Once you’ve done lip embroidery, touch-up sessions are not required. Although the pigment’s color will deteriorate with time, it retains its color very well after the initial application. However, you can choose to have touch-up sessions if you’d like, subject to your preferences and the recommendations of your artist.

What Should I Do to Get Ready for Lip Embroidery?

You only need to make a minimal amount of preparation for the process. All you actually need to do is arrive eager to receive your treatment, and the pros will take care of the rest.

Any skin or medical issues you may have should be disclosed to your beauty therapist before treatment. Don’t forget that your goal in visiting this salon is to improve your appearance and simplify your life, therefore you wouldn’t want to withhold any information from your beauty therapist that could cause unneeded issues.

After treatment, color pigments will be at their darkest, so don’t be alarmed when you see your reflection in the mirror! Don’t worry; this will eventually transform into a glowing, natural appearance that will astound everybody who sees you.

Lip Embroidery Is Safer Than Lipsticks!

Lipsticks are actually harmful to both your health and your lips. Lipstick colors raise the lead content of your lips, which may have major health effects like an increased risk of cancer.

Because it is made with biocompatible ingredients, which are neither toxic nor detrimental to human tissues, lip embroidery is a healthier alternative.

Surprisingly: There Is No Pain with This Semi Permanent Makeup

Before the procedure, a numbing lotion will be administered to the entire lip area. Therefore, there is virtually no pain! Let the experts do their thing while you unwind, and you’ll wake up with gorgeous lips.

100 Percent Hygienic Approach

Did you know that the waxes and proteins in lipsticks allow viruses to thrive for weeks there? With the use of a machine and a needle at the end, lip embroidery is completed. Every consumer receives a single-use, sterilized needle, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of every session.

Traditional Tattooing Vs. Lip Embroidery

As new methods arose, there are some differences between lip embroidery in Singapore and conventional lip tattooing. Lip embroidery concentrates on the surface of the lips, whereas a regular tattoo inserts the needle deeply into the lips.

The latter is less vulnerable to infections as a result. Second, traditional lip tattoos use regular tattoo ink that contains carbon, but lip embroidery employs specialist “synthetic-organic micro-pigments” that are employed specifically for the lips.

What About the Aftercare?

  • Keep yourself hydrated.

To keep your lips hydrated throughout the healing process, drink lots of water. Dryness, flaking, and tenderness will all be lessened as a result.

  • Avoid applying lip gloss or touching your lips.

When your lips are recovering, try to avoid touching them as much as you can to prevent infections and color fading.

Similarly, for the first two weeks following the treatment, refrain from wearing lip cosmetics like lip gloss and lipstick. They may have substances in them that cause the color to disappear or that could hurt your lips while they heal.

  • Foods to avoid

Try to avoid eating certain items that could irritate or injure your lips and surrounding skin after your lip embroidery procedure, such as:

  • Spicy food: Spices can irritate and hurt your lips, especially when they are healing.
  • Acidic Food: Foods with a lot of acid, such tomatoes and citrus fruits, can make your lips dry, cracked, or even infected.
  • Hot Foods and Beverages: After having your lips embroidered, hot foods and drinks like soup or tea may irritate and hurt your lips.

Final Word

Are you looking for reliable places in Singapore that deal with semi-permanent lip embroidery? Say no more! Get in touch with the experts at Cocoon Secrets today.

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