How Does NDIS Manage the Funding of Meal Preparation and Deliveries?

NDIS provides funding to disabled individuals to prepare their food. However, you should know when the NDIS meal providers offer you this support and when not to stay prepared accordingly.

What Do They Fund?

NDIS will fund your meal preparations and deliveries only under the following circumstances:

  • If your disability prevents you from cooking, shopping or cleaning after meal preparation, NDIS will fund the cost of a support worker.
  • In case your disability is preventing you from following multi-step instructions or planning your meals, NDIS pays for the delivery of pre-prepared foods.

What Do They Not Fund?

You will not be eligible to receive funding for food preparation and deliveries in the following situations:

  • They wouldn’t fund food if your disability is not stopping you from preparing them or buying ingredients.
  • You won’t receive funding if you need this support when suffering from health issues like weight loss, diabetes, food allergies, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and PCOS.
  • They won’t fund your food and their deliveries if you have family members at your home who can help you.

How Can You Use Your Funding Flexibly?

NDIS will provide funding that is adequate to cover your meal preparation costs at the recommendation of your NDIS plan manager. You can use it to buy ingredients, hire a worker or order food.

If you fulfil the conditions to receive funding, you can contact the NDIS meal providers to get the necessary help.

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