Five types of passengers that annoy online taxi drivers

What does an online taxi driver expect from a passenger? To Expect the same thing from drivers: adequacy, responsibility, and objectivity.

First of all, my task is not to point fingers at anyone but to try to explain how the driver and passenger can understand each other better. Passengers are our employers, and I am grateful to them. But five things can ruin this job.

Route changes

If a passenger needs to change the route or stop somewhere, then the task must be clear. It’s fine if you need to go to the store, pharmacy, or ATM, but the route instructions should sound like smart tasks: clear, understandable, with specific times and house numbers. In the flow of traffic, the taxi from Manchester airport to york driver cannot understand the address, which sounds like “well, there seemed to be something like that somewhere here.”

Children’s behavior

Situation: parents get into a car with a child. It’s slushy outside; there are whole lumps of dirt on my feet. What if there are several children with an adult? It’s a real mess in the back of the car.

“Probably, parents at home don’t allow their children to walk around the apartment in dirty shoes?”

I would like to hear parents say before getting into the car: “We sit down carefully, don’t swing our legs, don’t jump from side to side.” It is inconvenient for us, drivers, to make comments in such cases. We do not want to spoil relations with passengers and hope that parents themselves should understand everything and organize their children.


Several things could be improved. For example, an order is received for a large house located in the letter P. The address only indicates a flag on the house and one of three streets. But where to go? Outside the house, inside? Unknown.

It happens that the order indicates an entrance, but the checkbox is located outside, near the road. Where to go, to the door or the flag, is a mystery to the driver.

Another common situation is that indicate the last entrance of the house. The car moves through the yard, making its way through a narrow road full of parked cars and fences.

“Either to the entrance or away from it,force  the driver to drive in reverse. And in the yard, children are walking, mothers with strollers, dogs running.”

I get to the entrance, but it turns out that the passenger is waiting not at his door but at the very first one. One day, I received a call, drove up to the flag, and then the person said: “You have come to the wrong place; I’m standing on the other side of the road.” Through four lanes and tram tracks!

Please imagine these situations and put yourself in the driver’s seat.

When you order a taxi, check whether the geo-determination has set the checkbox for you correctly. If you have comments about the order, write them, chat with the driver, or call. This greatly helps us find passengers quickly and accurately. It is very important that the place where the flag is placed can physically be used for planting. In addition, the passenger has to wait about ten minutes.

“As a result, cars accumulate that need to pass, and the nearest turning point is quite far away. Why create such difficult situations?”

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This point will be short. Some will be surprised by this, others will not, but passengers need to buckle up. Drivers bear responsibility, including criminal liability, for their health and life. Not to mention that traffic regulations require this. Arguing about this is the last thing.

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Garbage in the cabin

After disembarking a passenger, we sometimes see garbage left in the car by him and deliberately left there. These are water bottles, coffee cups, chewing gum stuck on the side of the door, candy wrappers, pieces of paper, and so on. But we are not cleaners. The functions of drivers are different, and this attitude towards us is disrespectful.

To summarize, many problems can be solved by talking or asking a question. For example, if a passenger is in a hurry and is late, then you should inform the driver about this. He, of course, will not reduce the time by violating traffic rules but will begin to intensively search for optimal options for changing lanes, the fastest routes. This way, you can save 5-10 minutes, but if the passenger did not say anything, then this will not happen. And so you look at the clock, you will accumulate tension and negativity, and it will be expressed in a negative assessment. Both you and the driver will get into trouble. Why do all this if you could warn?


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