Do you think dietitians and nutritionists are the same? Difference between Nutritionist and Dietitian in Ontario

Nutritionists and dietitians in Toronto help in serving individual health and well-being however their roles are different when it comes to their training and certifications.

A nutritionist provides one-on-one counselling and helps individuals improve and reach their health goals. They can make a personalized meal plan and recommend lifestyle changes.

 Nutritionists meet regularly with the client to know the status of their health and provide them with coaching and encouragement. 

Nutritionists facilitate group sessions and provide tips for healthy cooking. Dietitians work with doctors to treat a patient’s medical condition. Job opportunities for dietitians are more diverse than that for nutritionists. The purpose of this article is to cover the difference between nutritionists and dietitians in Ontario region.

Difference between nutritionist and Dietitian 

One of the biggest differences between nutritionists and dietitians is that dietitians should be certified to work in the provinces of Toronto. They need to be registered because healthcare bodies need registered doctors and dietitians are a necessity.

 Suppose a dietitian is working in Quebec and has a registration of Quebec and if the dietitian wants to work in Toronto then she will again go through the process of registration. Most provinces do not allow nutritionists to be registered.

The educational requirements are different for a nutritionist and a dietitian. The educational requirement for a nutritionist is to have a college diploma with a specialization in nutrition and food health, food safety and business and marketing. 

After the diploma, the nutritionist will have six months of practical learning where they learn the real-life practice of being a nutritionist and deal with people with health issues. 

The requirement for dietitians is similar to for nutritionists but the difference is they have practical training for 2 years and have to take the Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam. Dietitians have to get registered with the provincial regulatory bodies of Toronto province.

Nutritionists in Toronto can work in fitness facilities, healthcare clinics and food health stores whereas dietitians in Toronto can work in hospitals, government agencies, food industries and private practice.

A nutritionist makes a salary of $ 23.59 per hour whereas a dietitian’s salary is comparatively higher like $37.24 per hour.

Both nutritionists and dietitian’s mission and vision is to help people achieve their health goals but their roles and responsibilities are different. A dietitian has to be registered and certified whereas a nutritionist does not have to take any necessary certifications. Nutritionists give more generalised advice on healthy eating, weight management and reducing stress.

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