Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring a Dishwasher Installer in Melbourne

Installing a dishwasher in your Melbourne home is a significant project, and finding the right installer is key to ensuring it’s done properly. To identify the best person for the job, there are several important questions you should ask prospective installers before making your hiring decision.

Are You Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

This is crucial – only hire an installer if they can provide up-to-date documentation proving they are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Being licensed verifies they are authorized to perform plumbing and electrical work required for installation in your region. Melboune Dishwasher repairs is one of them. Bonding means if the installer fails to complete the work or fulfill their contract, you are compensated for losses. And insurance covers any accidental property damage or personal injuries that occur during the project. Checking these credentials protects you financially and legally. Don’t risk hiring unlicensed contractors.

How Much Experience Do You Have Installing Dishwashers?

You want an installer that has several years of experience successfully installing dishwashers, not someone trying to learn on the job. Ask specifically how many total dishwasher installation projects they have completed, and how many for your particular dishwasher brand and model. Newer installers simply haven’t encountered all the challenges that can come up and may make rookie mistakes. Opt for seasoned experts with hundreds of installations under their belt. They should be able to handle any curve balls and provide workmanship guarantees.

Are You Familiar with My Specific Dishwasher Unit?

Be sure to ask if they have expertise with your particular dishwasher make and model. Installation processes can vary based on the appliance, so you want someone who is intimately familiar with your unit – they should know proper mounting, ideal placement, how to hook up all attachments, specialty settings, and more. If they fumble with your particular dishwasher, it’s a red flag.

What Additional Services Do You Offer?

Find out if the installer handles other related tasks such as the electrical wiring, plumbing modifications, carpentry, cabinet adjustments, and more. Many reputable installers offer comprehensive services beyond just fitting the appliance in place. This simplifies the process tremendously rather than having to coordinate electricians, plumbers, carpenters on your own. They have established relationships with tradespeople and will take care of the entire project smoothly from start to finish.

How Do You Protect Floors and Surfaces During Installation?

A good dishwasher installer should take steps to safeguard your home from damage during the process. Ask specifically what they do to protect your counters, cabinets, floors, and other surfaces from scrapes, scuffs, and water splatter when removing the old unit and fitting the new one. Make sure they mention using drop cloths, removing shoes, avoiding dragging the appliance, and cleaning up any mess afterward.

What Exactly Is Included in Your Installation Services?

Get very clear on what tasks are handled by the installer vs. what you need to arrange. Most reputable installers will include services such as disconnecting/removing the old dishwasher, securing proper permits, purchasing the installation accessories/kit, making electrical and plumbing connections, fitting and testing the new unit, and cleaning up the workspace. But it’s important to confirm so you don’t wind up unexpectedly on the hook for items they didn’t mention upfront

Do You Properly Dispose of the Old Dishwasher?

When replacing an existing dishwasher, ask if their services include responsible removal and disposal of the old unit. This typically costs an extra $20-$50 but is often worth the convenience of not having to coordinate appliance disposal yourself. Just be sure valuable racks, trays, and baskets are transferred over to your new machine.

Do You Offer Any Warranties or Guarantees on Your Work?

Quality installers stand behind their service work. Ask what warranties, service guarantees, or satisfaction promises they offer. Many reputable dishwasher installers provide a 6-12 month labor warranty in case any defects arise with the installation itself. This gives you peace of mind.

May I Please See Examples of Your Previous Installation Work?

Any installer worth hiring should be happy to provide references or showcase their expertise. Ask to see samples of previous jobs through portfolios, online reviews, or testimonials that mention their quality workmanship and service. This builds confidence they can deliver results. Beware installers unable to verify past satisfied customers.

Thoroughly vetting installers by asking the right questions will help identify the most qualified professional for your dishwasher installation project. Taking time to confirm credentials, experience level, familiarity with your appliance, scope of service, and guarantees ensures a smooth hassle-free installation experience.

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