Desert Safari Abu Dhabi – A Thrilling Trip for New Comers

Discover the exciting Abu Dhabi Desert safari Experience – a 6-7 hour excursion across tall, red sand hills, once visited by wandering tribes. Enjoy horse and camel rides, sand races, ATV drives, and try out temporary body designs.

You can also relish energetic dance displays such as belly dancing, Tanura spinning, and captivating fire performances, all while indulging in fragrant coffee. When you reserve your journey with tour companies, they take care of your travel arrangements.


Abu Dhabi promises your contentment with its tasty Arabic grill and lavish dinner banquets. When planning your city outing, ensure you obtain your tickets, whether it’s for an urban or wilderness escapade, to ensure an unforgettable adventure.


Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital, is famous for its many attractions, like the tallest indoor climbing center, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ferrari Theme Park, Yas Island, and more. Be sure not to overlook the expansive Rub’ al Khali dune, a perfect spot for an exhilarating desert safari.

What’s included in the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari deal?

To begin, you can pick from different safari selections: morning, evening, or overnight, each with its unique charm.


During the morning trip, you’ll experience a stunning sunrise and have the opportunity to take enchanting pictures. In the evening expedition, you’ll immerse yourself in the desert’s twilight, discover its tranquil elements, and enjoy live performances.


During the overnight desert safari Abu Dhabi, enjoy a night under the stars after a tasty buffet dinner. It’s an opportunity to admire the desert’s celestial sky and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Now, let’s explore the details of the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari package.

Transportation Arrangement

No matter if you opt for the regular or premium package, this service is provided to your satisfaction. You’ll be picked up from your accommodation and safely taken to your selected spot. A competent group of drivers will supply you with a 4×4 land cruiser for your safari experience.

Conquering the Sand Dunes

Upon arriving at the campsite, prepare for an exciting dune-riding adventure in 4×4 SUVs. Maneuver through the dunes with thrilling twists and turns.


As you set out on this journey, fasten your seatbelt, relish the thrill, and capture lasting memories. Safety equipment will be supplied, and you’ll have ample chances to take breathtaking photos during the outing.

Camel Expedition

The Abu Dhabi Overnight Desert Safari package provides an opportunity for a camel ride in authentic Arabian attire as you make your way toward the dunes. Furthermore, the package features mesmerizing falconry presentations.

Spectacular Scenery:

The ever-shifting desert terrain presents a range of breathtaking sights, from expansive golden dunes to rugged mountain structures. The interplay of light and shadow on the sand forms a captivating visual display that delights both photographers and nature lovers.

Sandboarding Thrills:

The impressive and grand dunes offer an excellent spot for sandboarding, an enjoyable activity suitable for all age groups within designated zones. Even if you’re new to it, your feet will be firmly attached to the board for safety.

Capturing Memories with Photography:

Photography is a vital part of the Abu Dhabi desert safari adventure. Seize the enchanting moments of sunrise and sunset, preserving images that will mesmerize your senses.


The desert’s sunrise and sunset produce a genuinely enchanting atmosphere. You can also relish capturing photos while wearing traditional Arabian attire.


After your thrilling desert escapades, quench your thirst and curb your appetite with a diverse selection of choices. At the Bedouin camp, you can unwind and partake in tea, coffee, soft drinks, mineral water, and snacks

Quad Biking Thrills

For an extra burst of excitement, you have the option of an off-road quad-biking expedition. Glide through the dunes on an ATV with the included safety gear and enjoy the satisfaction of conquering your adventure.

Henna Art & Body Adornments

As part of the package, you can indulge in the art of Henna and Tattoos, skillfully crafted by talented artists. These designs are not just intricate but also widely admired, particularly by women.

Entertainment Spectacle

Have you ever witnessed live displays by skilled performers? If not, the Abu Dhabi desert safari presents an enchanting program. It includes belly dancing, traditional Tanoura acts, and a captivating fire performance. Relish these exhibitions while enjoying a scrumptious dinner buffet and kehwa with your companion.

Indulge in the Dinner Feast

Alongside the live entertainment, a mouthwatering BBQ buffet dinner is prepared to enchant you with an array of Arabic gastronomic pleasures. The open-air grill station is all set, and the camp provides vegetarian alternatives, along with a variety of desserts and salads.

To Conclude

Whether it’s a yearly custom or an extraordinary journey, an Abu Dhabi desert safari guarantees enduring memories. With thrilling pursuits, delectable food, entertainment, safety, assurance, serenity, and relaxation, there’s no reason to hesitate. Secure your tickets now for a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

In summary, a desert safari unquestionably offers an exciting and enduring adventure, offering a unique look into the mesmerizing charm of arid landscapes. Throughout this expedition, explorers experience a range of emotions. From the thrill of dune exploration and sandboarding to the serenity of witnessing the sunset over the boundless desert horizon.

The desert safari provides a unique chance to connect with nature in its purest state. It involves immersing oneself in the seemingly endless stretches of dunes that extend as far as the eye can see.

The quiet and calm of the desert are at times interrupted only by the whispers of the wind. It creates a serene environment that sharply contrasts with the busy urban life that many are accustomed to.

Moreover, the cultural element of a desert safari often includes visits to authentic Bedouin camps. It gives travelers a glimpse into the rich heritage of desert-dwelling communities. Sharing a meal under the starry sky and participating in henna artistry contribute to a deeper understanding of the customs and traditions of the desert’s residents.

Safety and environmental responsibility are of utmost importance in the world of desert safari adventures. Reputable tour operators prioritize the well-being of both travelers and the delicate desert ecosystem. Opting for a trustworthy operator dedicated to ethical and eco-friendly practices is essential to minimize the environmental impact.

In essence, a desert safari is an enthralling journey that blends exciting activities with serene natural beauty and cultural enrichment. It leaves a lasting mark on travelers, instilling a deep appreciation for the marvels of the desert.

Whether it occurs in the Arabian dunes, the Sahara, or any other desert expanse, the desert safari is an adventure. It should not be missed by those who have a passion for exploring the diverse landscapes and cultures that our world has to offer.

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