CIPD Level 5 Certificate Vs Diploma – Difference Explained Between Both of Them

Are you looking forward to building your career in Human Resources and want to boost your skills by doing CIPD level 5 courses? That’s incredible because CIPD level 5 courses are considered one of the best. They help you in enhancing your people management skills. Furthermore, they also open the doors to many job opportunities. But you must be confused between the CIPD Level 5 certificates and the diploma. And you might be wondering which of the two CIPD level 5 courses you must select.

That may be the reason why you stumbled upon this guide. Here, you will get the chance to explore the difference between CIPD level 5 certificates and diplomas. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have a look at it. But before we dive any further, let’s first understand the core concept of these courses.

What is the CIPD Level 5 Diploma?

For starters, the CIPD level 5 diploma equals the post-graduate degree. Whether you are getting a diploma in CIPD or any other field, it is considered extraordinary. The diploma helps you gain knowledge and expertise in the field of HR. Moreover, it also increases your critical thinking, decision-making skills, etc.

Let’s uncover some of the amazing perks of getting a CIPD level 5 diploma.

Benefits of CIPD Level 5 Diploma

Doing the CIPD diploma is very beneficial, especially if you want to get a job at the international level. Here are some benefits you can gain if you decide to do the diploma in CIPD.

1.      Advanced Expertise

Do you know that by doing a Diploma in CIPD level 5, you can increase your expertise in HR and L/D? Well, it’s true. These CIPD courses are built for those students wanting to enhance their careers in management. Moreover, you can develop your critical thinking and people management skills by choosing a diploma.

2.      Global Recognition

Want to know the amazing facts about CIPD level 5 diplomas? Well, they are globally recognized. Fantastic, isn’t it? CIPD Experts can get your preferred job by choosing to do the diploma in CIPD. That too in any part of the world.

3.      Leadership Opportunities

Another amazing perk of choosing a CIPD level 5 diploma over other courses is that you can enhance your leadership qualities. Furthermore, it also opens the door to amazing leadership opportunities.

What is the CIPD Level 5 Certificate?

Now that you know what a level 5 diploma is, let’s learn about the level 5 certificate. The CIPD certificate is the degree that is equal to the undergraduate degree. Furthermore, the credit hours differ while doing CIPD certificates.

Benefits of CIPD Level 5 Certificates

CIPD certificates have their significance. If you want to take your career one level up, we suggest you use these certificates. Here are some of the other perks of CIPD certificates.

1.      Enhances your Research Skills

Do you know what is the best part of doing certification in CIPD? Well, they enhance your research skills. Here, you are required to do certain CIPD assignments. All these assignments are research-based, which means by working on these assignments, you can enhance your analysing skills.

2.      Globally Recognised

Like the CIPD diploma, the CIPD certificates are recognized worldwide. So, certification is a good option if you want to avail better job opportunities in the HR field.

3.      Boosts Your Income

The CIPD Level 5 certificates help in boosting your income. Yes, you heard it right. Through these certifications, you can get a job at a high level. Moreover, you can also increase your chances of getting a competitive salary at the management level.

CIPD Level 5 Diploma Vs. Certificate

Now that you have in-depth knowledge about the CIPD diploma and certificate let’s compare these two and see how different they are.

1.     Credit Hours

The duration is the first main difference between the CIPD diploma and the certificate. The diploma is for 2 years. In comparison, the CIPD certificates need a shorter duration. Moreover, both diplomas and certificates are related to CIPD. But, the diploma is time-consuming. Also, here, you will be required to write many assignments.

So, choose when selecting from these CIPD courses. Always know where your interest lies.

Furthermore, if you ever feel stuck in doing assignments related to these. Remember, many CIPD Level 5 Assignment Help in UK will help you out. So, seek help from them.

2.     Training Approach

Another difference between both of them is the training approach. The diploma allows you to focus on broader aspects of HR management. Furthermore, they also teach you how to manage the workforce positively. On the other hand, the CIPD certificate only teaches the basic approaches used in HR practices. When choosing between them, select the one you feel will help your career.

3.     Cost

Let’s talk about another main difference between both of them. The cost! The CIPD diploma is expensive compared to the certificates. Now, you might be wondering why this is so. The answer is simple. The diploma has a longer duration as compared to certifications. Thus, when choosing between these two, determine your financial conditions.

4.     Modules and Curriculum

Both the diploma and certification have different modules. The CIPD certificates have a shorter duration. Therefore, they only focus on the basics related to HR and L/D.

On the other hand, the diploma is for 2 years. Thus, here, you learn about a broader range of HR practices. Friendly advice: When choosing between these, always consider the benefits. Then, make the selection.

5.     Career Impact

When choosing between these two, it is important to determine how they will impact your career. If we talk about the level 5 diploma, then it has global recognition. Furthermore, it is also one of the most prestigious CIPD courses. Thus, if you choose a diploma, it may open the door to different opportunities.

On the other hand, the CIPD certificates have their importance. However, if we compare it to other CIPD qualifications, other qualifications are more beneficial. So, we advise that when choosing, know beforehand how they will affect your career.


Both CIPD 5 diploma and certificates have their importance. And, when it comes to choosing between them, it depends on your goals. Certification is a good option to enhance your skills and learn basic knowledge about HR.

But, if you want to have in-depth learning of management, then a diploma is better. Also, other certain factors like cost play a key role when it comes to the selection. The diploma is more expensive. So, do calculate the finances before making the choice. To sum up, both are good if you want to build a career in HR. Thus, when choosing, always select the best suits your needs.

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