8 Smart Reasons to Shop for a Ganesh Murti Online in 2023 and Beyond

There is no substitute for perseverance, dedication, and sincerity, when it comes to ushering in good fortune, wealth, and growth in your life. However, you need Lord Ganesh’s blessings too. Also known as Vighneswara, he is the Hindu god who removes all obstacles from your path, offers wisdom and good sense, and helps you accomplish all your goals. Bringing Ganapati home can help you create a positive and peaceful environment, invite abundance, improve as an individual, and stay on the path of righteousness. Moreover, since you can buy a Ganesh Murti online these days, bringing the deity home or gifting it to someone you love is extremely simple. Here are 8 reasons to go digital while shopping for a Ganesh idol.  

  • Plenty of sellers 

The best part about shopping for a Ganesh Murti online is that you can explore the offerings from multiple sellers without actually paying them a visit. This can help you save time, fuel, and energy while checking the reputation of sellers, product reviews, and prices. In fact, you can source an idol you like from a distant city or state after researching extensively and taking as much time as you need to decide. Another benefit of going online is that you will be able to buy even from those shops that lack a physical presence.   

  • Impressive variety 

Ganesh idols come in various materials, sizes, colours, and designs. For instance, you can get an intricately carved gold or silver coated Ganesha idol if you want to add a regal look to your interiors. If you want something simplistic, an idol in wood, clay, or crystal might work better. While a white-coloured deity will bring you prosperity, fame, and wealth, a red-coloured idol is more apt for self-improvement. You might also want idols donning dhotis in auspicious colours like red and yellow. When you buy a Ganesh Murti online, you also get to pick from multiple sizes, from tiny ones for sleek desks or shelves to large idols for spacious halls. Plus, you can select from multiple positions, such as seated, reclining, standing, dancing, and so on.    

  • Scope to check details 

Whether you buy a silver coated Ganesha idol, a clay murti, or a piece in marble, when you go online, you can check all the specifications and features closely. And that is super important if you wish to derive the maximum benefits from keeping a Ganapati idol in your home. For instance, you can take your time to check if the idol has four arms, is carrying a modak, has a mouse at the feet, and is wearing a sacred thread around the torso. You can also make sure if the trunk is bent towards the left and one of the tusks is broken. These little things can help bring in a whole lot of happiness and positivity. It is easy to check quality certifications too when it comes to the materials used.   

  • Free shipping 

The top sellers usually offer free shipping, which means you don’t need to pay anything extra for the transport of the idol. This is a key benefit of buying a Ganesh Murti online, especially if the idol is large and heavy or you are ordering the same from a different state or city. 

Cash on delivery 

If you buy a Ganesh Murti online from a reputed seller, you can usually pay with cash after the idol gets delivered to your doorstep. In other words, you don’t need to make a card or digital wallet payment beforehand and wait anxiously, wondering if the idol will reach you on time or in good shape. This form of transaction ensures a greater amount of transparency and accountability. It is also especially helpful if you are buying an expensive gold or silver coated Ganesha idol or something ornate in brass or bronze.  

Safe payment gateway 

In case you decide to pay for the Ganesh Murti online, rest assured that leading sellers have completely secure payment gateways that protect your sensitive data and transaction history. You don’t need to worry about frauds, cyberattacks, or someone with malicious intent misusing your personal information.  

Easy returns and refunds 

In rare circumstances, you might end up with the wrong idol or a piece that is chipped or damaged. For instance, you might receive a clay murti instead of a silver-coated Ganesha idol or a foot-high piece instead of a 5-inch one. In such a situation, you will definitely want to return the same and reorder the right idol or get a refund. And the good news is that, when you shop from a well-known seller, returns and refunds are quick and hassle-free. They ship you the right product at the earliest or credit the amount you paid back to the account from which it was debited.  

Excellent customer service 

Another advantage of buying a Ganesh Murti online is that you can get in touch with the customer care team whenever you want. You might have questions about the purity of the metals used in the idol, its cleaning and care instructions, or the possibility of any colors fading. Irrespective of your doubt, the customer service team of a good brand will always be able to address them satisfactorily. They can also explain any delays in shipping or why a certain piece is pricier than another.   

Go online to bring Lord Ganesh home 

So, now you know why shopping for a Ganesh Murti online makes sense in more ways than one. Also, before the deity arrives, make sure you prepare a neat, well-lit, and clean space to place him. The idol should be placed in the north or north-east direction. Once he is home, make sure to pray every day by lighting diyas and incense, offering fresh flowers and sweets, and making a rangoli. To make the shopping experience as smooth as possible, you can check the beautiful idols IdolKart offers at reasonable prices. 

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