7 Best Places Visit in Los Angeles for The Modern Traveler

Best Places Visit in Los Angeles for The Modern Traveler

Los Angles is a wonderful city in California. The city has multiple beautiful places where you can visit. The place does not necessarily have historic places but here you can visit many other modern places as well. The place has best malls, restaurants, museums and many other outing places to visit. So kindly confirm the Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy by going through it’s website to book your tickets.

Best Places Visit in Los Angeles for The Modern Traveler:


1. The Grove:

For modern travellers, the grove is a great place to visit. In this mall you can shop various trending material and clothes. The place offers good cafes where you can have your food. The place is best for modern travellers who always look for trendy and fashionable items in the places they travel. This is an outdoor mall where you will find many housewares.

2. Petersen Automotive Museum:

This is another thing that attracts the modern travellers around the world. This museum is best for modern travellers as here you can see various car models such as first car, first hydrogen car and many other important automotive milestones. If you want to see the first car and its model then you can visit this Automotive Museum. The design of this museum is also very unique.

3. Hollywood Sign:

This is one of the prominent things among the people from foreign countries. The Hollywood sign carries significant importance as it is a Hollywood Sign which belongs to real estate development. The sign is 450 feet long. The weight of this sign is 4,80,000 lbs. This is a very special sign that was originally made for advertisement purpose.

4. La Brea Tar Pits and Museum:

This is a museum along with a park. The museum is created with natural history that has preserve of wildlife. This is a great place to be explored by the modern tourist. Around the museum there’s a park where you can relax in the sunlight. The place is a must visit for modern travelers to explore the history.

5. Walt Disney Concert Hall:

This is a famous place in Walt Disney Hall. As the name suggests, this Disney hall is a concert hall where various concerts takes place. You can enjoy the concerts along with hot breakfast. The hall has good sound system and it is designed beautifully. The architecture of this concert hall is also well maintained.

6. Universal Studios Hollywood:

You will definitely love this place and this place will worth your money. In this place you will see a lot of entertainment. The Halloween horror nights are awesome here. You will ride a lot of good rides here. The place is full of entertainment things. So it’s going be a worthwhile visit to this studio. If You have plan to see universal studios Hollywood then, book spirit flight tickets at low Fare.

7. Madame Tussauds Hollywood:

This is a wax museum where you will read about several celebrities. Apart from celebrities you will see many historical characters. You can explore the wax celebrities in this museum. You can click pictures with the wax celebrities which feels like they are really standing. You should start checking Spirit Airlines Seat Selection to get the preferred seat.

In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, Los Angeles is a very beautiful city in California. The place is as beautiful as its name. There are many thrilling things in Los Angeles that can be explored by the travelers. You can visit the seven places we have listed on this post. You can also plan a family trip to Los Angeles and take your kids to show many beautiful places here. Kindly check Spirit Airlines Minor Policy before confirming your tickets

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