These 5 Rookie Tips Could Help You Win Your Fantasy Football League

Fantasy football is a virtual sport based on actual football matches. Several fantasy football apps are available on which players can participate in different football leagues. Players can learn and earn by playing these sports over fantasy sports applications, just by partaking in football. Players need to showcase their skills and knowledge to get huge wins. If you are a true cricket freak and want to own your own cricket squad, start playing it now and be a champion in the fantasy football world.

Plenty of football players want to be a part of real matches, but isn’t it possible that everyone gets a chance? After enhancements in technology, it’s all possible because of fantasy football apps. So, if you also want to play football and earn money but are new in this field, Don’t worry. In this blog, we will discuss tips that can help you win your fantasy football league.

5 useful tips to win fantasy football leagues:


The main thing is to practice to win cash rewards just by playing fantasy football. As we all know, it makes a man perfect. So whenever you start playing fantasy football, try to participate in free practice matches. By playing these matches, you will learn how to create a team, learn more about players’ performance, earn more and more points, etc. There are many fantasy football applications that provide the option to play practice matches to learn the game and its rules. So, always choose the best platform and start practising.

Please review each player’s profile

It is one of the main tips for playing fantasy football and earning big. When you are ready to create a virtual team, choose players from both teams who will play in an upcoming match. Do deep research on players before tackling them in your squad. Users must know about players’ records, current forms, injuries, etc. By keeping records of this, you can easily create a winning team and increase the winning ratio because all the rewards are based on the player’s performance when they are playing actual matches. By which you will get the points and cash rewards.

Choose a strong backup player

s in every on-field match, whether it’s football, cricket, or Kabaddi, there is a chance of getting injured. So whenever you are creating your playing 11, try to keep yourself strong aside from the goalkeeper. You can give them the responsibility by choosing one of the best football players in the back. To take over the injured player’s place and play a match-winning game.

Try to hire only one expensive goalkeeper

There are many players who take two expensive goalkeepers in the team. But whenever you play fantasy football, don’t hire both costly keepers. It is because there’s a nominal chance that the goalkeeper will get injured. If they are injured, a normal player can easily take on their responsibilities. So to save your money, select one costly and one normal keeper.

Appoint captain and vice-captain smartly

When we talk about the real on-field match, the captain has to manage the team. But in fantasy football, captains will get 2x and 1.5x points accordingly, which increases the winning percentage for you and your virtual squad. So, when appointing captains for your virtual football team, always choose a player who is in good form and scores more points. If they perform well, their points will be multiplied, and you can earn more.

Wrapping it up

This blog is very useful for football players, whether they are beginners or pro players in fantasy football. By reading this post, players will know how to win big just by showcasing their skills if they are new in the fantasy sports world and seeking the best platform. You should play football on the Think11 fantasy sports app. If players choose this application, they can also be eligible to partake in other sports, like fantasy cricket and kabaddi. It is one of the best and leading fantasy sports platforms on which players can join free practice matches, play with fellows, and much more. Along with this, if you have ever faced any technical issue regarding the application, then customer care executives are available 24/7 for support.

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