5 Influencer Sunglasses Collaborations And Brands To Brighten Your Day

5 Influencer Sunglasses Collaborations And Brands To Brighten Your Day

Everything looks cooler with sunglasses on, so it stands to reason that wearing sunglasses designed by fashion influencers would make one look about a thousand times cooler! I always love to see fashion brands collaborate with influencers and bridge the gap between influencer and brand audiences. Right now, sunglasses brands in particular are partnering with major influencers, while other influencers are launching their own standalone brands. Keep scrolling for 5 of these collections and my shopping picks:

You probably know Mikayla Jane from her personality-driven beauty tutorials and hilariously honest product reviews, so it is fitting that her latest collaboration is with dime Optics for a line of sunglasses that will serve as the perfect accessories to any makeup look. Mikayla explains, “I created this to represent my style: fun, bold, yet sophisticated” and that she loves “to pair [sunglasses] with my bold makeup looks. It really ties everything together.”

Mikayla Jane x dime go getter Sunglasses

These classic oversize cat eye sunglasses are so chic and sassy.

Mikayla Jane x dime captivate Sunglasses

Embrace the early 2000s style resurgence with these gradient rectangular shades.

Marta Pozzan is an actress, model, writer, and activist who is known for her chic Italian style and innovative style. Her collaboration with Aperçu was especially fitting, as she is a self-described sunglasses aficionado who never leaves the house without a pair. With my Aperçu collaboration, my goal is to promote respect, love, and a playfulness that we should all feel when it comes to fashion,” Pozzan says of her frames, which come in 5 fashionable colors.

Marta Pozzan x Aperçu

The Marta frame is sleek and rectangular, a must-have for any fashion-forward individual. I love the olive green “Speranza” hue for fall.

Lauren Lane is a lifestyle influencer who brings her fresh, classic everyday style to all her partnerships. For her collaboration with sunglasses brand DIFF, she created two frames, each in two colorways, that showcase her signature style while providing stylish frames for her many of fans. The collection also has a charitable component, as part of DIFF’s mission is to donate glasses around the world to those in need.

Lauren Lane x DIFF Lauren Cateye Sunglasses

I think these rectangular cat eye sunglasses are so unique.

Lauren Lane x DIFF Mollie Brown Gradient Sunglasses

You cannot go wrong with a tortoiseshell frame.

Desi Perkins has built her empire from YouTube vlogging days to a multi-faceted business, with her signature DEZI eyewear brand and DEZI SKIN in addition to her social media influence. Desi wanted to develop a namesake brand that brought together luxury eyewear with accessible price points, and thus DEZI was born!

DEZI Top Shelf Sunglasses

You heard it here first: aviators are having a comeback moment. Top Gun: Maverick’s influence!

DEZI Backtrack Sunglasses

I have been drawn to straight-across frames like the “Backtrack” as well.

De’arra Taylor is an influencer with exciting and bold fashion. She launched her own brand Lorvae after years of collecting sunglasses and building a love for eyewear, and is now creating some of the coolest fashion accessories around.

Lorvae Deetailz Sunglasses

Throw on these neon green shades for the ultimate statement making accessory.

Lorvae Latte Sunglasses

These oval sunglasses evoke a chic 60s vibe.

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